Practice Areas

Since 1987, Thompson Howle Vaughn has concentrated it’s legal work in the various legal processes that grew into the still emerging field of elder law. Their experience and expertise in these areas is uniquely deep and broad, giving their clients confidence that the firm can offer quality legal services for their special family needs. From planning for long term care needs to protecting a legacy for future generations, the firm offers experienced, compassionate legal guidance.

A Guardianship is the process by which an individual or qualified entity obtains court authority to protect the rights or the property of an individual who has been determined by the court to be unable to provide for his person or to manage his property or financial affairs. View More »
Through the probate process, the legal heirs of decedent are identified, the assets are marshaled, debts of the decedent are paid and the remainder is distributed to the legal heirs. View More »
A properly drafted Special Needs Trust will allow a disabled beneficiary to qualify for government benefits while also receiving benefits from the trust. View More »
Thompson Howle Vaughn has a busy litigation practice in areas affecting the elderly and people with disabilities. View More »
Washington has several laws that can be used to protect vulnerable adults. Thompson Howle Vaughn attorneys have extensive experience using these laws to help vulnerable adults. View More »
Florence Deleranko provides legal services relating to review and drafting of real estate leases, purchase and sale agreements and contracts. View More »
Alternative dispute resolution for contested Guardianships, Estates and Trust Matters. View More »